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The most

amazing experiences.

For all of our incredible students.

Great Southern Music is not your commonplace music store. We strive for daily maximum musical quality— in everything. With unparalleled repair expertise, a complete inventory of instruments & accessories, and some of the best teachers in Florida, GSM provides the ideal environment for anything and everything music.

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Sound Principals.

GSM is committed to providing truly the best music education in Gainesville—and nowhere is that more important than our teachers. Each of our instrumental instructors faces extreme competition when applying, and only the best of the best come out on top. We do all checks necessary to ensure the most comfortable, secure, and effective environment for our students' growth.


Click your instrument—meet your teacher!



We have world-class instructors on every instrument. And the studios to facilitate learning at every level.

Any age. Any instrument. Any experience.

Whether it's an extracurricular, a former hobby, or even a lifelong dream never lived, we can provide the instruction and materials you need. We go over the basics, the nitty-gritty, the unknown-unknowns. Because one-size-fits-all never works when everyone's story is unique.

Community Official.

Technology can be a major headache. But if we change our approach slightly, we can find some truly amazing things.

Great Southern Music is thereno matter where "there" is. Because we can provide the resources and daily dose of music to help your social networks have a bit more harmony.

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The right instrument doesn't just make

music sound better. It makes it easier.

Not just easier to play the right notes.

But to play the right notes well. And to

make improving—easier.

GSM has everything you might ever

need. And the guidance and ears to

steer you in the right direction.

Amazing students

deserve amazing instruments.

Tom, our Nationally-Certified

Master Technician, has been

treating Gainesville's instruments

for the last seven years!

No instrument is beyond saving—

thanks to the extraordinary abilities of

our Master Technician!



Building up?

Directorswe're here to provide a few pieces. To contact our instructors directly, access online tutorials, print out the best fingering charts, and more, we've created an exclusive director site just for you.


Why not stop in today? Our staff, teachers, and repair technicians are there to answer any questions

you may have.

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